Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Preparing to Prepare

During the various parts of this process, I feverishly researched what the next step would be like. So while I was revising, I also beefed up on the query process. Before even I had my SuperAgent, I researched submissions to publishers, because what else are you going to do while waiting weeks to hear back?

Not much info on submission, by the way, other than it sucks because it's like Fight Club: First Rule is you don't talk about it. At any given moment you could have someone making a career altering decision about your book and the last thing they want to find when they look you up is your TMI despair or temper tantrum on a blog or in a tweet. You can't vent on how many rejections or close calls you've had. Sometimes this lasts years.

I'd like to throw back the curtain on that process, but I'm sorry not sorry for not having a lot of details to tell- my book sold very quickly (about 10 weeks, a couple weeks of negotiating some details, and we announced about 6 weeks later), and for that I am endlessly thankful. Like, every-day-prayers-of-thanks grateful.

But the desert of the submission process is made even more difficult by the lack of info on the next steps of editing, cover design, interior design, marketing... I get dizzy just thinking about it. I was recently inducted into the Swanky 17s, which is a group for debut authors releasing in 2017 (btw- I still can't believe I can call myself an "author"). As of right now, I'm not listed as an author, but everything is volunteer-run and there is so much going on that things take time- no complaints. We have private forums to discuss news and exchange info and support freely.

It. Is. Amazing.

And we're in different places in the publication pipeline- some are getting ARCs and copy edits soon. Information: I haz it!

But it's not public, so as I go along, I want to share what's going on with it as I can. A lot of things will be after the fact. Everyone's process is going to be different- some books need very little editing and some need complete re-writes, so my journey will not be yours. It will be something you can read about which I could not.

So my status now?

-Waiting on my editing package (NOT a complaint, this shizz takes time)
-Building my Goodreads Author page (clicky HERE... someone please tell me is this doesn't work)
-Brainstorming possible title changes (want to have the best one, which may be the original, but we won't know until we think about it real hard)
-Blogging (check that box today)
-Supporting other 2017 Authors
-Reading and reviewing other books (which is HARD when you read something you don't like)
-Mentally screaming in joy and terror as I see book bloggers tweet their excitement over my book
-Writing more stuff

Wish I had more exciting things to report, but I'll settle for knowing plenty of excitement is on the way.

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